[Ovmsdev] Getting Log Data From v2.5.2 Firmware

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Mon Sep 9 06:20:40 HKT 2013

On 8/15/13 6:55 AM, "Mark Webb-Johnson" <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

>The [drive and charge logging] records themselves can be downloaded as
>historical data using either the HTTP or OVMS protocol APIs.

I'm trying to do this but I'm not seeing the records I expected to see.

I received my V2 hardware, did a V2_TR_PRODUCTION build, downloaded the
firmware, and configured the module. SMS and the iPhone app are working.
The version being reported by the device is 2.5.2/TR/V2.

Yesterday evening, I did a "FEATURE 13 255" to enable the logging and ACC
goodness. Last night, the car charged.

To get the log data, I used the HTTP API historical/ and got this result:


    'first' => '2013-08-10 15:37:09',
    'distinctrecs' => '1',
    'totalsize' => '1511',
    'last' => '2013-09-07 21:39:21',
    'totalrecs' => '24',
    'h_recordtype' => '*-OVM-DebugCrash'
    'first' => '2013-02-22 00:00:00',
    'distinctrecs' => '4',
    'totalsize' => '36920',
    'last' => '2013-09-08 00:00:00',
    'totalrecs' => '792',
    'h_recordtype' => '*-OVM-Utilisation'

>From looking at the vehicle firmware, it looks like I should be getting
*-Log-Drive and *-Log-Charge records.

Am I doing something wrong?

I did get the units param messed up at some point, which I fixed this
morning. Would that mess up logging?


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