[Ovmsdev] What does 0x42 code mean?

Håkon Markussen hakon.markussen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 18:05:40 HKT 2013

Hi Nikolay,

I've seen this behavior (0x42) a couple of times, usually the first time
after registering the module, the GPRS states somethinh like '+ATCHIPSHUT'
and then 0x42

In net.h I find
#define NET_STATE_NETINITCP  0x42  // Short pause during GPRS TCP reconnect
I assume the 0x42 occurs if the GPRS-attach is unsuccessful and the module
goes for a retry.

When powering up the module I usually get the following led sequnce:
Green led 9x - 9x - 9x -> red+green led 1 long -> green led 6x - 5x - 2x-

With one of my early Think City-fw builds (on 2.5.1) the module always
initialized with green led 6x - 6x - 6x - 4x -1x (no red led)

All is OK if the green flashes 1x only (then GSM and GPRS is OK).

Can you try your Tele2-SIM in a phone or a computer, to verify you can make
Are you sure Tele2 has the sufficient coverage at the location you are
testing? (make sure the antenna connector is applied correct)


2013/9/3 Nikolay Shishkov <nshishkov at yahoo.com>

> While waiting for the GeoSIM guys to figure out the SMS problem in Sweden,
> I am testing the OVMS with a long forgotten card with a Swedish operator
> Tele2, that I managed to get to work... or sort of.
> The initialization seems to go ok - the OVMS gets to the point of 1 green
> blink, and then after 2 such normal blinks, pulls lots of red blinks and
> goes back to 3 (or 4) green blinks - I have hard time counting them that
> fast.
> I have configured the gprs correctly with internet.tele2.se as an apn, no
> username, no password. When I send "GPRS?" sms, I get in response the apn
> name and the other parameters, and the status is "not connected" with
> (0x42).
> What does 0x42 mean, and is there anything else I could try?
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