[Ovmsdev] What does 0x42 code mean?

Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 3 17:05:22 HKT 2013

While waiting for the GeoSIM guys to figure out the SMS problem in Sweden, I am testing the OVMS with a long forgotten card with a Swedish operator Tele2, that I managed to get to work... or sort of.

The initialization seems to go ok - the OVMS gets to the point of 1 green blink, and then after 2 such normal blinks, pulls lots of red blinks and goes back to 3 (or 4) green blinks - I have hard time counting them that fast. 

I have configured the gprs correctly with internet.tele2.se as an apn, no username, no password. When I send "GPRS?" sms, I get in response the apn name and the other parameters, and the status is "not connected" with (0x42). 
What does 0x42 mean, and is there anything else I could try?
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