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Kevin Sharpe ZCW kevin.sharpe at zerocarbonworld.org
Fri Nov 1 01:43:16 HKT 2013

Welcome Jeremy.

Heres a recent thread regarding Leaf support which might be a useful starting point;


Good luck!

> On 31 Oct 2013, at 17:36, "Jeremy Whaling" <jeremy.whaling at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All!
> Just joined the list, I'm interested in helping sniff the car CAN bus of the leaf to help with development. One of my main goals is to have the ability to start and stop charging remotely via SMS. I also would like to have better control over remote climate control activation (heat/AC/vent/defrost etc), so I am really interested in sniffing the traffic when doing a charge timer override and invoking the remote climate control over carwings. I also have a Brusa charger under the hood but it's located on the ev bus (and I believe not query-able from the car can bus) so I'm not sure how much it can help.
> Anyways, I'm currently on a business trip but I'm ordering a PCAN (can-usb) tool today and hope to be monitoring soon!
> Take care,
> Jeremy Whaling
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