[Ovmsdev]  Re: Ampera remote start/stop function

Richard G Jones rgjones at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 4 02:03:11 HKT 2013

Regarding the failure of key fob remote start as discussed in the logs I sent earlier, I realize now that it only works if you press lock shortly before remote start.
I had locked the doors before the test but in my haste forgot to retry locking. Was rushing before an appointment have not tried the keyfob remote start on the volt before. Confirmed it works now.

I can get a correct keyfob remote start log later.

Btw if keyfob remote start works why not use this in ovms?. Why the need for onstar logs?
Presumably European amperas have keyfob remote start.
Getting onstar logs is interesting of course just wondering what I'm missing re remote start.

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Have a look at the last post in this thread...



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