[Ovmsdev] Introduction - Tazzari Zero

Patrick Kapsch patrick.kapsch at mac.com
Thu Feb 14 06:33:54 HKT 2013

Hi everyone,
My name is Patrick and I've been a silent reader of this list for some time now. A few weeks ago I bought three OVMS modules: one for my Ampera, one for the Twizy and a third one for my third Car - A Tazzari Zero. Most of the europeans should have heard of it. It's a smaller EV from italy.
As the OVMS now works well in the Ampera and the Twizy, I started the reverse engineering of the Tazzari CAN messages today. There are two ports on the car: one for the controller data, and the other one for the BMS. The last one is of interest for the module, so I managed to log my first data from the Bus. I should mention that the ports are no OBDII connectors but instead the so called AMP Superseal. I borrowed the maintenance Kit from my car dealer and checked the cable wiring for future replication of the connection cable - no big deal.

I'm no coder and so I have to rely on you guys for the coding work that needs to be done in order to get this to work. I heard mark saying on Transport Evolved that the implementation of a new car is just 20% of the work, so I hope someone is willing to go that last bit for me as I will do my very best to document the CAN messages.

In my first log I just found a hand full of counters or some kind of timer data that counts upwards or downwards periodically, as well as three very stable but not static values. I have the proprietary maintenance handheld device in hand with which one can read out all the data provided on this port. What I now plan to do is build some sort of Y-Adapter-Cable to attach both devices - the handheld and the CAN logger to the port. This way I should be able to log the messages from the device as well as the answers from the BMS as it requests these. I feel pretty confident that I'll be decoding almost every value provided.

I'm absolutely amazed by this project and how far it has come and I'm very happy to contribute to this.
Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Regards from Germany,
Patrick Kapsch

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