[Ovmsdev] OCM Integration to OVMS

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Feb 12 19:46:55 HKT 2013


Originally Posted by Kevin Sharpe

Project launched to add Charging Station locations and status to OVMS using the www.openchargemap.org OpenChargeMap database.


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Kevin: Thanks for helping out with this - such integration could be amazingly useful.

Users: A short summary is that we're trying to integrate live range to the OVMS car location map, and to show all charging stations within range. Clicking on a station will bring up further detail. Once that basic work is done, we're planning to look at how we can integrate the charging events, correlated with OCM charger location, to feedback charge results (both good and bad) to OCM.

There is a requirements spec at the link Kevin provided, with more detail.

Regards, Mark

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