[Ovmsdev] Volt/Ampera

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Thu Feb 7 06:12:10 HKT 2013

Hi Michael,

Am 06.02.2013 13:10, schrieb mikeljo at mac.com:
> witch bits is now what?
> My understanding is that the MSB is "FrontLeftDoor" and the LSB is 
> "CarON".

My fault, I should have added a remark.

The original bit values are documented in the "OVMS Protocol" document 
(environment message).

"OVMS Development" adds: PIC18F is little endian, i.e. [...] Bit fields 
are packed right to left

So, it's LSB first, 0x01 .. 0x80.

> I think it is better to use the bits direct. Like this: 
>  car_doors1bits.ChargePort = 1

"Better" will be dependant on your concrete needs. I like to be able to 
access single bits like this due to better readability.

But if you need to set or query a larger group of bits, the combined 
byte value will be more readable and perform better.


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