[Ovmsdev] Model S (and other) APIs

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Feb 3 14:23:39 HKT 2013

I've been interested in the possible use of OVMS Apps to control multiple cars of different types - not necessarily just with OVMS modules.

This allows us to extend the manufacturer's offering, and is real nice for those with more than one car in their garage.

GM/OnStar now have a published API (although are not permitting this to be used against real cars until late 2013).

The Leaf carwings API has been reverse engineered.

Now, some guys are reverse engineering the Tesla Model S RESTfull API.


Perhaps the neatest way of doing this is by gatewaying at the server - no change to Apps necessary. But, I worry that the providers will rate limit requests from a single IP. Doing it at the server allows for all sorts of cool stuff (e.g.; timed pre-heat).

We could also do this in the Apps themselves.

But, my question is what is the legality of this? I suspect that it would be a contravention of the DMCA? I read that GM/OnStar stopped (or persuaded to stop) the VoltStats guy to stop - and he is now using a very restricted API just for him. What about Nissan?

Looking at the Model S API, it would be about an evening's work to do a server gateway. Scarily simple.

Regards, Mark
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