[Ovmsdev] Problems with GPRS initialization

ovmsdev.adelman at adelman.com ovmsdev.adelman at adelman.com
Thu Dec 19 13:23:48 HKT 2013

    I previously had a v1 module on my 2.0 Tesla Roadster, and decided to upgrade
to a v2 module. I'm having no such luck.

    I pulled the SIM card from the old module (AT&T GoPhone in the
USA), installed it in the new, put it in the car, and provisioned with
SMS from my own cellphone (REGISTER, PASS, SERVER mypass,
GPRS WAP.CINGULAR - -, MODULE US549 M SMSIP TR) I set all of the
feature codes the same as my previous v1 module. When I query it with "GPRS?"
I get back APS: WAP.CINGULAR, User:, Pass:, GSM:AT&T, GSM:OK, and Server: Not Connected.
Sometimes I see "Server: Not Connected (0x0041)".

    DIAG shows RED Led:7, GREEN Led: 5, NET State: 0x0041, 12V Line:11.6 ref=0.6,
Crashes:1 ..last: RI - 240.

    I'm stumped. Any suggestions on how to debug why this module won't connect
via GPRS?

    I've tried power-cycling...


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