[Ovmsdev] i-Miev/C-Zero/iOn

Matt Beard matt at beard.tv
Mon Apr 29 14:22:14 HKT 2013

Hi, I have a C-Zero and would like OVMS support. I am currently considering
buying a unit and would be able to help with development if/when I get one.

Matt Beard

On Monday, April 29, 2013, Thomas Bergo wrote:

> Hi
> As a owner of a i-Miev I'm interested in OVMS support for the
> i-Miev/C-Zero/iOn EV.
> Has anyone looked into supporting those EV?
> I'm planing to start looking into adding support for those EV. And asking
> for help to add a vehicle plug-in module stub for those cars, so
> that naming and so on is correct.
> Best regards
> Thomas B
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