[Ovmsdev] Roadster CAC Research

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Sat Apr 13 01:26:07 HKT 2013


I wouldn¹t expect the CAC to change during a charge, even if your firmware
is querying for new values during that time. I¹m only seeing the CAC change
about 10 minutes after a charge, or drive, and not every time.

My CAC changes pretty often when I do a drive/charge cycle: sometimes after
the drive, sometimes after the charge, sometimes both, occasionally neither.

Perhaps the v2.x Roadsters have a different CAC calculation that¹s less
volatile than the v1.5 Roadsters.

I¹d be interested to hear from other v2.x Roadster owners about how their
CAC values change. If anyone is interested, I can share my custom firmware
that records info on when the CAC changes. Send me a private message if
you¹d like to geek out on CAC values. Tell me your hardware version and time
zone offset, as I have to do a special build for each time zone so I can
convert from GMT to local time correctly.


From: Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net>
Reply-To: OVMS Developers <ovmsdev at lists.teslaclub.hk>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 09:04:08 +0800
To: OVMS Developers <ovmsdev at lists.teslaclub.hk>
Subject: Re: [Ovmsdev] Release Firmware


I'm not seeing any change to my CAC, for the past few weeks. It has kept
stable at 156.94.

<snip charge records>

It has got me a little worried, thinking perhaps that there is something
else that 'triggers' the CAC recalculation (perhaps in the DIAG screens).

Regards, Mark.

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