[Ovmsdev] What Cellular Provider, and how much are you paying (US$)

Dominik Westner me at nikwest.de
Wed Sep 12 15:35:02 HKT 2012

	• What country are you in?

	• What cellular provider and service do you use?
	DeutschlandSIM (Vodafone)

	• How much do you pay, up-front for the SIM card?
	EUR 9.90

	• How much do you pay, monthly for the service (SMS + Data)?
	EUR 0.0

	• How much do you pay, per-MB for data?
	EUR 0.24 (10KB stepping)

	• Long-term viability - do you think this is still going to be possible in a year or two?

	• Anything else relevant?
	Used it for almost a year now. My monthly bill is about EUR 1.60.

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