[Ovmsdev] What Cellular Provider, and how much are you paying (US$)

Thomas Kreisel tom.kreisel at gmx.de
Tue Sep 11 06:08:41 HKT 2012


1. Germany
2. Not yet decided, but I'm considering this: BigSim, D2 Net, Prepaid
3. $5 upfront
4. $0 monthly, Data Flat exists for $7 per month
5. 0.08 EUR per SMS, 0.49 EUR per MB, per 10KB steps
6. currently there are plenty of offers of this kind, all those Android smart phone & tablets people are using it, so I see no issues in the next years
7. Maybe this has already been discussed:
- At least in Germany D1/D2 (GSM 900MHz) and E-Plus/O2 (GSM 1800MHz) have slightly different performance. E.g. in my office I only get a D-Net connection and E Net won't work, but this might only be a problem while inside buildings, but if this might help in avoiding connection trouble with OVMS, it will be important for the user.
- Rooming. Some providers charge MUCH more if abroad, this can even happen while next to a border, so one might check this too.

KR Thomas

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> Betreff: [Ovmsdev] What Cellular Provider, and how much are you paying (US$)

> I've been told by many people, that one of the biggest problems with OVMS
> is the cellular providers. It is a hassle to maintain a pre-paid card, and
> the providers keep changing the rules. Particularly in the USA.
> Could you let me know (with figures in US$, approximately ok, please):
> What country are you in?
> What cellular provider and service do you use?
> How much do you pay, up-front for the SIM card?
> How much do you pay, monthly for the service (SMS + Data)?
> How much do you pay, per-MB for data?
> Long-term viability - do you think this is still going to be possible in a
> year or two?
> Anything else relevant?
> Just reply to this email, on the mailing list. I only need 1 report for
> each provider, so if you see someone else reply to the list for your provider
> you can ignore this.
> Thanks, Mark.

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