[Ovmsdev] 1.3.1

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Sep 3 09:36:13 HKT 2012


Thanks. Looks good. 4 cars updated to v1.3.1 overnight and all seem to be reporting in ok.

I should have the production V2 modules in my hands today or tomorrow, and will send pictures of them with the pickit plugged in. I only have a pickit3, but it looks similar enough.

To avoid confusion between V1 and V2, probably best to just include a picture of the two modules. They look so completely different, that should avoid any mistakes. We really don't want people to be flashing the wrong firmware to the wrong modules. In particular, for V2 devices, they will accept V1 firmware but a few things won't work properly (like the GSM/GPRS switch). I've been trying to work out how to pickup the processor ID so I can check at startup and refuse to run if the wrong firmware is flashed, but still not solved.

Regards, Mark

On 3 Sep, 2012, at 12:25 AM, Tom Saxton wrote:

> I've updated my OVMS Firmware Update Guide.
>    http://www.idleloop.com/tesla/ovms/
> I need a photo of the PICkit2 programmer plugged into the V2 board correctly
> to add to the page. Also, I'd like to know what device string appears in the
> PICkit2 programmer software when connected to a V2 board.
> I'll wait until it's officially released to post my install page update onto
> TMC, or Mark you can just link to it when you post the release.
>    Tom
> on 9/1/12 11:45 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> Car firmware 1.3.1 is in GitHub now. I built all variants to .hex files, and
>> source is there for the adventurous. Tom: can you help setup end-user
>> instructions of this?
>> All outstanding car issues recorded on github have been resolved and closed
>> with this version.
>> It has been running in my car for a few days, and seems fine. I did a few
>> different charge-interruption tests, and they all alert as expected.
>> I'm gonna wait a few days to allow you guys some time to try it out and report
>> any issues (hopefully none). I'll then announce it as generally available. Due
>> to the enhanced modem control, linear connection backup algorithm, bug fixes,
>> and new improved notification algorithm, this will be a recommended update for
>> all users.
>> Regards, Mark
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