[Ovmsdev] Last SOC usage range + odometer

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Nov 9 21:12:33 HKT 2012



contains two change to the STAT SMS I would recommend as a common extension:

1) Odometer status -- very useful if you keep a charging log. (btw, am I 
blind or does the current Android App lack the odometer info?)

2) SOC current usage min+max: I need to maintain these values for full 
charge detection and for range calculation during charging. I included 
this into the SMS for debug at first hand, but now I think this is an 
interesting info to keep.

If you think it's too Twizy specific, here's another idea: As the net 
modules should not need to know about car specific variables, maybe the 
new framework could also use some output gathering hooks within the car 
module, so there's a clean way to add some car specific data to SMS and 
server output?


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