[Ovmsdev] Car firmware v1.2.7

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun May 27 20:58:25 HKT 2012

Inching towards the v1.3.0 release, I've just committed to github v1.2.7 of the car firmware for OVMS.

Changelog since v1.2.2 is:

2012-05-27 1.2.7       Preliminary firmware 1.2.7
                       Bug fix for off-by-one-can-byte bug in roadster id from VIN
                       Add homelink and charge timer support, plus misc fixes
                       Only send non-empty params to PARAMS? sms command
                       Remove need to RESET after can write change
                       Only NETINIT (not SOFTRESET) after a parameter change
                       Re-label parameters internally to match new user-friendly names
                       Re-work of sms command handlers to be table driven - saving 6% of flash
                       Use the 6% of flash we saved to implement a bunch of SMS commands
                         REGISTER?                                  Report on registered phone
                         REGISTER <modulepass>                      Register caller phone
                         PASS?                                      Report on module password
                         PASS     <modulepass>                      Set new module password
                         GPS?/GPS [<modulepass>]                    Report GPS location
                         STAT?/STAT [<modulepass>]                  Report status
                         PARAMS? [<modulepass>]                     Report on parameters
                         PARAMS <param2> <param3> .. <paramN>       Set parameters
                         MODULE? [<modulepass>]                     Report on module parameters
                         MODULE <vehicleid> <units> <notifies>      Set module parameters
                         GPRS? [<modulepass>]                       Report on GPRS parameters and status
                         GPRS <gprsapn> <gprsuser> <gprspass>       Set GPRS parameters
                         SERVER? [<modulepass>]                     Report on server parameters
                         SERVER <serverip> <serverpass> <paranoid>  Set server parameters
                         DIAG?/DIAG [<modulepass>]                  Technical diagnostics
                         FEATURES? [<modulepass>]                   Report on features configured
                         FEATURE <feature> <value>                  Set specified feature value
                         HOMELINK <button>                          Activate homelink 0, 1 or 2
                         LOCK <pin>                                 Lock car (with specified pin)
                         UNLOCK <pin>                               Unlock car (with specified pin)
                         VALET <pin>                                Activate valet mode (with specified pin)
                         UNVALET <pin>                              Deactivate valet mode (with specified pin)
                         CHARGEMODE <mode> <current>                Set charge mode (sta, sto, ran, per) and current
                         CHARGESTART [<modulepass>]                 Start charge immediately
                         CHARGESTOP [<modulepass>]                  Stop charge immediately
                         VERSION [<modulepass>]                     Report module firmware version
                         RESET [<modulepass>]                       Reset module

2012-05-11 1.2.5       Preliminary firmware 1.2.5
                       LED re-work
                       Support multiple vehicle configurations - TeslaRoadster and VoltAmpera
                       NET driver tidy-ups
                       Auto-support Tesla Roadster v1.5 cars
                       Issue #38 - Prevent user from locking car if car is ON
                       Issue #39 - Alert (SMS/PUSH) if trunk is opened while in valet mode

I've managed to do this with very little impact to firmware size.

Major user-visible extensions in this firmware include:

A huge number of new SMS commands.
Support for simplified setup steps (working on with Bennett).
New status and error LED arrangement.
New diagnostic SMS commands.
Various minor bug-fixes and improvements.
Homelink support (firmware both SMS and app protocol support - app support will follow).
Charge timer support (firmware and app protocol support - app and sms support will follow).

This is a major re-work of the SMS sub-system. We now have 27 commands and similar functionality to the GPRS smartphone apps. In particular, charge start/stop and mode setting is now available.

I've also added in the homelink commands (courtesy of Fuzzylogic's CAN decoding skills).

I've tested this on the bench, and it seems to work. I've also put it in my car 10 minutes ago, and got a network connection. That is pretty much the extent of my testing, so consider this pre-beta and definitely NOT for end-users.

I haven't completely tested the setup of a module from scratch with these new REGISTER, PASS, MODULE, SERVER, GPRS commands - I hope Bennett, or someone else, will help with that.

I haven't tested homelink support. I hope someone will try that (using SMS "HOMELINK 0" command) and let me know if it works.

This is now pretty feature complete for the v1.3.0 firmware. I need to do the CHARGETIMER SMS commands, and want to re-work the social group messages to allow streaming of group location messages (if enabled). So, please test this as you can, and let me know any problems you find.

Again, please don't put this on end-user cars yet. There has been a lot go into this and I need a week or so of inevitable bug fixing before it is ready for wider testing. There hasn't been much changes to the net subsystem since 1.2.5, and that seem stable, so I think it is fine to put in developer's cars.

Regards, Mark.

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