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> Bennett,
> The only benefit for this is for the user to be informed when his car is
> offline.
> Not my requirement, but I guess if the user is charging somewhere critical
> (e.g. on a trip, in a hotel) and wants to be informed if the charging is
> interrupted, he also wants to be informed if the car can't tell him the
> charge has been interrupted (because it is offline with no cellular
> coverage).
> Regards, Mark.

Does cell coverage vary while the car is stationary in one place? I would
have thought that having parked the car, plugged in it, and started
charging that the owner would check the charge status right then and there
on the App. If he couldn't reach the server, or if the car couldn't reach
the server, then he'd know that right away and the message an hour later
would be either superfluous or too late.

On a related note, I do think the App could do a better job of saying where
connection problems lie. This would help during installation as well, when
users don't really know if the car isn't talking to the server or if the
App isn't talking to the server. Once you know how things work you can
figure it out, but the newbies installing for the first time don't know.
I'm thinking of the App saying for each car when it heard from it last (or
ever), as well as the App saying when it last heard from the server (if
ever). And, while I'm at it, an SMS message asking the car when it heard
from the server last would be useful for debugging configuration issues as

- Bennett

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