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felix bonnier felixtb at me.com
Wed May 9 12:01:22 HKT 2012

good idea with using the same pin as the VDS pin. would be a good idea to lock the access to each "car" on the settings page except possibly the info button.
not necessarily good to lock charge but maybe lock access to charge settings via the battery symbol.

however, I do think it much smoother from a UI perspective to lock the entry to the app.  also if you want to lock, I suspect you are not really interested in people seeing anything of your car's data or location which could eventually be used maliciously.   further you could also only lock if your phone has gone to sleep...... or after a set time...... or similar, so if you go in and out of the app a lot for some reason, you do not have to unlock every time.  but primarily the lock scenario has to be a user selectable option. either for each car or centrally (if centrally one cannot use the same pin as VDS, since one might have more than one car and therefore more than one pin....).

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On 9 May, 2012, at 10:38, Bennett Leeds <bennettleeds at gmail.com> wrote:

> In the US, temps are Fahrenheit and tire pressure in PSI.
> I don't want a PIN lock on the app, so at least make it optional.
> If you're going to do a lock, just put it on the actions that
> potentially change the car (enable CAN Write, start charging, change
> charge settings, wakeup the car, etc.).  We already have VDS PIN locks
> on the lock and valet mode. I'd suggest using the existing OVMS Module
> Password rather than create yet another Password/PIN for people to
> remember.
> - Bennett
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