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I think there are 2 reasons you get the occasional amps display:

When we use the modem, there is a delay loop, and we don't do the periodic speedo message transmission while in that loop. This is, at worst, once every minute or so.

Occasionally, the car is going to win.

At aggressive factor 5, I find it acceptable. The AMPS display is pretty rare.

This can never be 100% perfect (unless we can find some way to suppress the car messages, which I doubt).

Regards, Mark.

P.S. Soapbox: this does show how easy it is to do. Tesla could do this _very_ easily in their firmware and that would be perfect.

On 14 Mar, 2012, at 6:32 PM, 911carrera4 at bluewin.ch wrote:

> Hi Mark
> i've been usingthe speedo for 2 weeks. No problems. Only that 
> sometimes (for 1 second or so) it showed the amps insetead of the speed.
> Piotr
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> A while ago, I had to turn off the digital speedometer in my car 
> as I had some issues that I wanted to be sure it wasn't causing. It turned out to be completely unrelated and caused by 
> a faulty PEM. Since replacement of the PEM, things have been perfect.
> I've now been running the digital speedo on 
> (setting 5) for the past 3 weeks and it had been flawless.
> Is anyone else running this feature? If so, have you seen 
> any issues and what is your opinion? Anyone else brave enough |-)
> Regards, Mark
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