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> How do you turn it on ? 

First, you need to ensure you are running an EXPERIMENTAL build (one built with the experimental config, not production). That will make sure the appropriate code is included.

Then, after plugging the module into the car, use the Apps to set feature #0 to value 5, or SMS "FEATURE 0 5" to enable it. That will set aggressiveness factor #5.

This video shows what to expect:


Our description of this (in the code) covers most of the bases:

// The OVMS_SPEEDO_EXPERIMENT switch is a highly experimental feature to
// change the dashboard Amps display in the Tesla Roadster to show speed.
// Please take extreme care with this and consider it extremely experimental -
// use at your own risk. The feature can transmit a lot of messages on the bus
// and is spoofing the car message. We can't see any affect (and we've even put
// an analyser on at the same time to see if any errors come up - they don't),
// but it is very intrusive to the car. One concern we have is if the car is
// using that message for anything else (but we can't see how it would as it
// also contains data for the battery level display, estimated miles, etc -
// it seems very very specific to that dashboard display).
// We really don't want anyone breaking their cars with this.

Regards, Mark.

On 14 Mar, 2012, at 5:50 PM, Mark Ramakers wrote:

> How do you turn it on ? Under the features list in the App this option is
> listed in 1st position ? If I turn this option on does it show the digital
> speedo then in the App ?
> On 14-03-12 10:10, "Mark Webb-Johnson" <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
>> A while ago, I had to turn off the digital speedometer in my car as I had
>> some issues that I wanted to be sure it wasn't causing. It turned out to
>> be completely unrelated and caused by a faulty PEM. Since replacement of
>> the PEM, things have been perfect.
>> I've now been running the digital speedo on (setting 5) for the past 3
>> weeks and it had been flawless.
>> Is anyone else running this feature? If so, have you seen any issues and
>> what is your opinion? Anyone else brave enough |-)
>> Regards, Mark
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