[Ovmsdev] Module stops working after couple of days

Wido den Hollander wido at widodh.nl
Thu Mar 1 17:14:51 HKT 2012


About a week ago I was able to install the module and get my own server 
up and running. Everything seemed to work fine from the beginning, but 
after about 36 hours the module died.

First I thought my prepaid SIM-card had ran out of credits, but that was 
not the case.

A manual reboot of the module was needed and it started working again.

Yesterday I opened the app and saw "Last update 8 hours ago"

Again, a reboot of the module was enough.

I checked the LED's and the first time GREEN was solid ON and RED was 
flashing slowly, that is normal.

The second time the GREEN LED was off and only the RED one was blinking.

I don't think it's a problem of GSM reception, the module even worked 
without the antenna while lying on the floor of the car.

GSM reception is however very good here in the neighborhood, no high 
buildings and it's a very dense network.

It's also weird that the module doesn't come back online. If it was a 
short disruption it could be a connection problem, but being offline for 
8 hours is long.

Has anyone seen this behavior?



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