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What about Rasberrypi?









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To keep this simple, let's split the requirements into two:


1.	Cheap, simple, just do one function (remote monitoring and

Budget: Around US$100 end-user price

Requirements here are:

*	Compatibility with OVMS v1firmware
*	GPS as well as the current GPRS
*	Easier to manufacture, QC and support
*	Monitoring of the 12V line

2.	Kitchen sink

Budget: tba, but probably in the US$200-US$300 range

Requirements here are:

*	Linux base (incompatible with OVMS v1 firmware, so will need a
*	As low power consumption as possible
*	Wifi as a client
*	Wifi as a car hotspot
*	GPS as well as the current GPRS
*	Easier to manufacture, QC and support
*	Monitoring of the 12V line
*	Optional little 3.5" - 5" touch display, in a housing, to go up
on the dashboard


With the exception of the multi-can requirement, those seem to meet
everyone's needs.


Irrespective of what happens with [2], I still think we need [1]. That
is the base requirement to get OVMS in a car, and needs to be as cheap
and simple as possible.


The big question is, does anyone see a need for [2] (the kitchen sink)?
(if necessary, trying to put aside that you already have [1])


For me personally, doing development on this, I really like the idea of
[2], and would be willing to spend the money. To be able to directly ssh
to the car and get access to the can bus would be extremely useful for
development, and firmware updates could be done over the air (either
GPRS cellular or WIFI). I have lousy cellular coverage at home, and the
car being able to switch to wifi would be really useful.


Regards, Mark.



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