[Ovmsdev] OVMS Jabberwocky day

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat Jun 9 20:53:17 HKT 2012

Seeing Rafael turn on the social group ELECTRICRACE so OVMS users around the world could see him gives me an idea.

How about an OVMS Jabberwocky day? For one day, or one hour of that day, OVMS users around the world join the same group. Due to the privacy issues, I don't expect anywhere near 100% take-up, but It would be an interesting way to visualise the global reach of OVMS and perhaps connect with other users near you.

I suggest the OVMS social group name JABBERWOCKY and date Thursday 14th June 2012, @2pm UTC (GMT), or thereabouts. I've picked day-time for Europe and USA, to reduce privacy concerns for those areas.

Here's the notice, and how to participate:

OVMS Jabberwocky Day - 14th June 2012, @2pm UTC (GMT)

To celebrate the global take-up of OVMS, users willing to give up their privacy for an hour or so, should all join the same social group so we can see the location and vehicleids of each other's cars. We can see where we are around the world.

Here are the details:

Participation is entirely optional. By participating, you will be allowing anyone and everyone to see the location of your car, it's speed, SOC and vehicle ID.

If you choose to participate, you can participate for 1 day, 1 hour, or for however long you want. The control is entirely in your hands.

Those that want to participate should use the smartphone Apps to set their "Social Group" parameter to JABBERWOCKY. You should set this some time before 2pm UTC on Thursday 14th June 2012. Please also ensure that your car and apps are using the tmc.openvehicles.com server.

Those that want to see the participants on the smartphone apps can just use the GROUPS feature in the map tabs to add group JABBERWOCKY and see it.

Those that want to see the participants from a PC, on a global map can go to maps.google.com and enter the following into the search box: http://tmc.openvehicles.com:6868/group?id=JABBERWOCKY (if you want to test this today, you can replace ELECTRICRACE as the group id, to see Rafael's position in his round-the-world race).

Once you remove the social group parameter from your car module, it will stop sending location updates to that group, and be removed when it times out some time later (or RESET the module to disconnect and be immediately removed).

A good idea, or lousy because of privacy concerns?


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