[Ovmsdev] Volt/Ampera CAN Logs

R. Scott Perry spamfree4 at rscott.org
Sun Jun 3 00:45:28 HKT 2012

Hi Michael,

I cannot find the data from 32A does not appear elsewhere in the logs.

My guess is that OnStar uses a separate GPS system than the navigation, 
and OnStar sends the latitude/longitude on 32A, and the navigation 
system sends it on a different bus (or, hopefully, on the same bus but 
with a different CAN ID).

I'll take a look at your log file, and see if I can find the GPS 
information, if it is in there.

On 6/2/2012 7:16 AM, Michael Jochum wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> can you check that the data from ID 32A is somewhere else in your logs?
> in mine 32A is always zero. We have here no OnStar. But i have the full package including Navigation.
> Bye
> michael
>> The latitude/longitude conversion is almost the same as what you have for the Tesla, with two exceptions -- changing the 2048 to 1000, as noted, and the accounting for negative numbers is different.  It seems that the number the Volt supplies is a 31-bit signed integer.  The easiest way to handle that, I think, would be to add "latlon = latlon<<  1;" before checking for<0, and then "latlon = latlon>>  1;" afterwards.  Running the code you have with those two changes seems to work fine.
>> The bad news is that I have checked all my log files (I have been logging almost all the time I have driven for about 8 months now), and the CAN ID 32A (latitude/longitude) has never shown all zeroes.  If the GPS data is unobtainable, I believe the car reports the most recent reading.  The GPS data comes from the OnStar system, so I am thinking it may only provide the data if the OnStar service has been activated, which could be a problem for owners outside of U.S/Canada.
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