[Ovmsdev] Volt/Ampera CAN Logs

Michael Jochum mikeljo at me.com
Sat Jun 2 19:16:30 HKT 2012

Hi Scott,

can you check that the data from ID 32A is somewhere else in your logs?
in mine 32A is always zero. We have here no OnStar. But i have the full package including Navigation.


> The latitude/longitude conversion is almost the same as what you have for the Tesla, with two exceptions -- changing the 2048 to 1000, as noted, and the accounting for negative numbers is different.  It seems that the number the Volt supplies is a 31-bit signed integer.  The easiest way to handle that, I think, would be to add "latlon = latlon << 1;" before checking for <0, and then "latlon = latlon >> 1;" afterwards.  Running the code you have with those two changes seems to work fine.
> The bad news is that I have checked all my log files (I have been logging almost all the time I have driven for about 8 months now), and the CAN ID 32A (latitude/longitude) has never shown all zeroes.  If the GPS data is unobtainable, I believe the car reports the most recent reading.  The GPS data comes from the OnStar system, so I am thinking it may only provide the data if the OnStar service has been activated, which could be a problem for owners outside of U.S/Canada.

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