[Ovmsdev] OVMS v2 Simple Hardware

felix bonnier felixtb at me.com
Sun Jul 22 18:45:56 HKT 2012

LOOKS GREAT!!  fantastic job everyone.

Mark I would think twice about having a vibrant color. Most people will probably want to hide the box, it is the function that is important.......


felix b.

On Jul 22, 2012, at 5:56 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> Guys,
> Here are the latest pics. Very neat, and getting close.
> This was supposed to be the final prototype, but some problems found:
> 1. Diag port can't tx while pic on. This is caused by the new voltage divider arrangement, and we're trying to add a diode to get it working.
> 2. 12v ADC measuring circuit doesn't work. Design issue, now ok.
> 3. GSM/GPRS switch stuck ON. Board design fault, now ok.
> Other than that, it works perfectly. Can bus is fine, LEDs are the same brightness and easy to read. Transistor circuit for async comms pic->sitcom works great (thanks William). Cable arrangement is fantastic.
> So, I've got a final prototype board coming in the next week or so. I'll run that in my car for 1 week, and if no issues are found will then give production go ahead.
> Regards, Mark
> Color samples: I've chosen C-65, but seriously considered C-15 or C-75.
> <image.png>
> DIAG port and LEDs.
> <photo 1.JPG>
> Car connector, gsm and gps antennas.
> <photo 2.JPG>
> Compare vs v1. Under 1/2 size, overall.
> <photo 3.JPG>
> Board slides out.
> <photo 4.JPG>
> Cable and size comparison.
> <photo 5.JPG>_______________________________________________
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