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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Feb 14 08:56:21 HKT 2012


Regarding the SMS/PUSH notifications, I think it would be good to have a FEATURE control this, or extend the notification PARAM to include a setting (perhaps SMS vs SMSALL). The default could be to just notify on stopped, but the user could choose to notify whenever charging completes.

Regarding the push messages, I don't think we add the time ourselves. I guess it is added by Apple/Android.

Are you using Apple or Android, and can you show us on a screendump?

Thanks, Mark.

On 14 Feb 2012, at 7:57 AM, Michael Stegen wrote:

> Hi Mark, 
> Havent found any bugs yet.. Looking good so far.
> It was a bit weird not to get a SMS after the charge finished, but then i realized this is how it's suppposed to be.
> One small thing, i received push messages , and the time displayed is 24:53
> shoudn't this be 00:53? 
> Tomorrow i will drive around a bit, and do some more testing
> -Michael
> Op 13-2-2012 2:57, OVMS Developers schreef:
>> Dear Developers,
>> We finally have a feature complete release candidate for the OVMS software. At this stage, we would like to get this deployed to as many cars as possible to work out any final bugs.
>> This release candidate is version 1.2.0-rc3, and you can find it on github in the master branch.
>> To upgrade your car to this version, just flash the firmware as normal (remember to set the flags to preserve EEPROM or you'll have to reset the parameters - the experimental config has these flags set correctly for upgrades).
>> There are two changes that might impact you:
>> This version has support for the GSM-only/GPRS-enable switch on the PIC board, so please take care with this. You will need the switch OFF in order to get GPRS connectivity. If you see the usual red-green alternating LED sequence then a solid green without any red light blinking, the switch is probably in the wrong position (you should try it in the other position, then reset the module).
>> This version re-works the old compile-time #define statements to be run-time FEATURE settings. The only one important is the WRITE enabled can bus, which is feature #15. To enable this feature, send a SMS to the car (from your registered phone) "FEATURE 15 1", and then reboot the module.
>> Compared to the v1.0 firmware, there are a huge number of enhancements in v1.2. The biggest of these are:
>> FEATURES (write-enabled CAN bus, location streaming, minimum SOC alerts, etc).
>> Optional digital speedometer experimental code
>> Improvements in miles->km conversions
>> Improvements in modem initialisation and control
>> Fixes for support of sub-zero temperatures and battery pre-heating before charging
>> Watchdog timer support
>> App->Server->Car command support, including:
>> Start/Stop Charge
>> Set charge mode
>> Set charge current
>> Activate/Deactivate Valet Mode
>> Lock/Unlock Car (doors only - alarm and immobiliser cannot be deactivated where fitted [non-US cars])
>> Feature list and set
>> Parameter list and set
>> Wake up car
>> GPRS utilisation
>> Social group subscription
>> Ambient temperature monitoring
>> Many more vehicle parameters sent to server (including speed, direction, altitude, charge states, doors, etc)
>> The Android App (in the market) already has experimental support for most of these new features, and the iPhone App is currently being extended (and we should have an experimental testflight release this week).
>> We will most likely have a few more release candidate releases before final end-user firmware is cut, but we would like to get the current 1.2.0-rc3 installed in as many cars as possible, in the next few days - and would be grateful if you could assist.
>> Any questions / problems should be addressed to this developers mailing list.
>> Regards,
>> Mark.
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