[Ovmsdev] Wrong Roadster Data

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Dec 16 22:29:20 HKT 2012


I just checked the server logs, and the car seems to be online.

2012-12-16 09:22:12.710176 -0500 info  main: #65 C SAX217 msg handle S 73,M,-1,0,stopped,standard,135,105,32,254,100,29,7,14,0,1,200,1

It is reporting 73%.

Maybe some issue with the message reception on the can bus? Can you try opening a door with the app running, and see if it registers?

[Michael, working on the Twizy, found an issue where the can bus buffers could overflow, causing no more can messages to be received - I haven't seen it on the Roadster before, but it is possible this is what you are seeing]

Regards, Mark.

On 16 Dec, 2012, at 10:23 PM, Tom Saxton <tom at idleloop.com> wrote:

> There's something odd going on with OVMS and my Roadster this morning. I'm
> seeing data that claims to be live, but which is totally wrong.
> I got home last night with a 50% charge and set the Roadster to charge at 2
> am. When I checked it this morning at 6:20, OVMS said the car was at 73%,
> live, parked for 5 minutes, and locked. When I checked the car, none of
> those were true. The car's at 97%, has been parked 9.5 hours, and is
> unlocked.
> I've never seen OVMS be wrong and claim to be "live".
>    Tom
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