[Ovmsdev] Merging in Twizy and Volt/Ampera work

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Tue Dec 11 02:46:00 HKT 2012


Am 17.11.2012 14:24, schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
>> I have one concern for the overlaying of the vehicle RAM sections:
> I'll have to think about this and have a look at how it is initialised at the moment. My guess is we're linking to the c library version that wipes all user ram to zero on reboot.

Did you get some time for thoughts on this issue?

I still occasionally lose some variables on those GPRS failure (?) 
reboots. The reboots do not occur as often now because I now know where 
to place the Twizy in my garage to get the best connectivity, but I 
still got the impression some other data section will destroy my 
carefully uninitialised variables.

I definitely do not lose all variables, also those overwritten are not 
completely zeroed, so it's no libc init thing.

My guess is still the overlaying with initialised variables from other 
modules. This also will become confusing if more modules come in, as 
some will use other init values as others. I think it would be best to 
disallow static initialisations for all module variables and to define 
the vehicle_init() as being responsible for doing variable inits as needed.


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