[Ovmsdev] Twizy module V2.0: battery monitoring

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Dec 2 04:10:26 HKT 2012

Am 01.12.2012 20:27, schrieb Michael Balzer:
> - "BATT" (same as last alert if you get some)
> - "BATT V"
> - "BATT VD"
> - "BATT T"
> - "BATT TD"

Here are my current measurements as a reference:

Volts: !C1:+15mV Temps: ?M1:+1.1C
...read: alert on cell 1 with a max recorded deviation of 15 mV above 
avg, and cell module 1 is marked "suspicious" having been 1.1 °C above avg.

P:57.80V !1:4.140V 2:4.125V 3:4.130V 4:4.125V 5:4.130V 6:4.125V 7:4.130V 
8:4.125V 9:4.130V 10:4.130V 11:4.130V 12:4.125V 13:4.125V 14:4.135V
...these are the current voltage levels and alert ("!") / watch ("?") 
tags for cells 1..14 (yes, the twizy only has 14 cells).

P:57.80V !1:+15mV 2:+5mV 3:+5mV 4:+5mV 5:+5mV 6:+5mV 7:+5mV 8:+5mV 
9:+5mV 10:-5mV 11:+5mV 12:-5mV 13:-5mV 14:+15mV
...max deviations for all cells, again including alert/watch tags.

P:11.1C (10.0C..11.6C) ?1:11.6C 2:11.1C 3:11.1C 4:11.1C 5:11.1C 6:11.1C 
...current temperatures for modules 1..7 (2 cells per module) with 
alert/watch tags.

P:11.1C (10.0C..11.6C) ?1:+1.1C 2:+0.5C 3:+0.5C 4:+0.5C 5:+0.5C 6:+0.5C 
...recorded temperature deviations.


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