[Ovmsdev] Twizy module V2.0: battery monitoring

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Dec 2 03:27:47 HKT 2012

Hi all,

first release of the battery monitoring system:


- PEM and motor temperatures

- Battery cell temperatures: 7 cell modules of 2 cells each
   (overall battery temperature = average of modules)

- Battery pack and cell voltages

- Battery monitoring system:
   - history of min/max/max deviation during usage cycle
   - ...tagging of suspicious cells (dev > std dev)
   - ...tagging of cell alerts (dev > 2 * std dev)
     (thresholds may need refinement)
   - ...sends SMS+MSG on alert state change

- First draft of battery state data MSG protocol extension
   (to be discussed on the developer list)

- Development/debug utility: CAN simulator w/ battery data
   sim data can be injected any time by issuing the DEBUG command
   with desired sim data chunk number (i.e. SMS "DEBUG 12" / MSG "200,12")

- Minor code cleanups & bug fixes

If other Twizy OVMS users are here, I really could use some feedback on 

Especially on the watch/alert thresholds. I have to gather more real 
data to see if we need a configuration for the alert sensitivity, or if 
we need to introduce some minimum deviation level.

I also sometimes got single deviations that must be completely wrong, 
although I implemented two levels of value consistency assertion. I'm 
still searching for the source of those.

As the Apps do not support this feature yet, please send me your SMS 
outputs, i.e.
- "BATT" (same as last alert if you get some)
- "BATT V"
- "BATT T"


Michael Balzer * Paradestr. 8 * D-42107 Wuppertal
Fon 0202 / 272 2201 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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