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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Aug 29 08:35:04 HKT 2012

We've decided to make some changes to the github repository for the Apps.

To try to get more people involved, and to make it easier to get involved, we're splitting the main OVMS repository into three.

The main repository will now handle just the car firmware and documentation.

A new Open-Vehicle-Android repository will be made, and the apps/Android tree moved to there.

A new Open-Vehicle-iOS repository will be made, and the apps/iOS tree moved to there.

We'll then be trying to build up a group of developers with commit-access to the Android and iOS repositories, to try to take these apps forward. The car firmware group is already working well, so not much needs to be done there.

In particular, the Android App has been stagnant for a while. I'm glad to report that Sonny has told me his big project is coming to fruition and he will have some time, starting in about a month, to help out with the Android project and get it back on track. Thanks, Sonny - most appreciated. We've had a few offers from Android developers as well, and hopefully a group can be formed there to take this forward. Sonny estimates that the Android App can be brought up to date and working on modern Android hardware within the October timeframe.

For the iOS side, I'll continue to lead that, and try to build up a group to help out. In particular, we have some work to do on complete-charge-by-time functionality, that I'm hoping to get some help on. It would also be nice to have a settings system as nice as the Android one.

I'm also hoping that the Android and iOS groups can work together on a more unified approach to the logic behind the apps. While there are differences between the platforms, the core logic and way things are done should be able to be unified more.

The car firmware itself is pretty stable and feature complete now. The major work being done is on support for vehicles other than the Tesla Roadster. I'm hoping the upcoming v2 hardware will reinvigorate that.

The repository split should happen either today or tomorrow, and I'll send out a short note when it is done.

Regards, Mark.

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