[Ovmsdev] Leaf or US Volt

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Apr 25 09:56:28 HKT 2012

Are there any OVMS owners/developers out there who also own a Leaf or US Volt?

I'm interested in the possibility of a server-side gateway to the Leaf and Volt web interfaces. We would get the info from those systems and translate it into OVMS. From the OVMS App you could then see the Leafs/Volts?

It won't work for non-US Volts (something we're working on with an OVMS module in the car), but for US Volts and all Leafs it should work just fine.

Does anyone know how the web APIs for those cars work? I am aware of some reverse-engineering work, but are there official APIs?

Regards, Mark.

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