[Ovmsdev] OVMS Power Drain?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Sep 23 17:02:51 HKT 2022


while the OVMS draws some power, unless you actually keep the car alive 
by polling, that's normally no issue. The 12V battery will be recharged 
automatically from the main battery by the car.

The Ioniq 5 though has a history of issues with the 12V battery. 
According to Andrew Till, a BMS update has fixed his issues:

Also see his previous posts on that topic.


Am 23.09.22 um 09:55 schrieb Michael Geddes:
> Hi All,
> I have just had a bit of a painful experience with my 12V being 
> drained (twice).  I'm guessing it's related to OVMS, but also 
> something seems to have happened as it was running file for a week!
> For some reason, the 12V battery graphs aren't working in the 
> (android) App.. which means I'm not quite sure of the timelines, 
> however it was most likely overnight.  This morning my 12V was 
> severely depleted (like 6v!). (Oh, it could be because I don't have 
> the app running in the background).
> I'm assuming it's likely not to be the direct drain of the device 
> itself, but maybe something it is querying on the CAN busses or 
> something that is then causing a consequential power drain?
> I got road-side assist out and they got me going, but then 20mins 
> later it was flat again! (I did see an alert in the APP and so was 
> quick to go out, but was unsuccessful in getting the car going before 
> it died!).
> I'm going to unplug it and see if that stops the card from dying.  
> Also, I might leave the car on for a bit longer.. but still I have 
> concerns!
> Also I haven't started using 'write' commands yet. Any ideas?
> //.ichael

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