[Ovmsdev] Repeated WDT crashes after upgrade to 3.3 with 4G

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Fri Mar 4 15:30:53 HKT 2022

On 3/3/22 23:21, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Well, that’s a hypothesis…
> Can you try a few more times, with gps on and off, to see if it is repeatable?

I've seen at least 4 crashes, the most recently 2 with my FreeBSD built 
ovms-3.3.001-285-g601f2a70-dirty, vehicle set to C6 and the only 
difference from what I was using is GPS+GPS-time off.

Looks like a watchdog timeout (last two crashes were  the same).


ice 133 % ./backtrace.sh 0x400891af 0x40089449 0x400e8950 0x40083dde
+ xtensa-esp32-elf-addr2line -e build/ovms3.elf 0x400891af 0x40089449 
0x400e8950 0x40083dde

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