[Ovmsdev] ssh documentation

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Feb 15 05:33:29 HKT 2022

On 2/12/22 16:02, Stephen Casner wrote:
> You're right, this was a case of documentation not being updated to
> match the code.  The update to WolfSSH 1.4.5 and WolfSSL 4.6.0 removed
> this restriction.  That occurred a year ago (January 2021).

Perfect, thanks for the details.

> That is also correct.  I believe the code as currently configured
> requires an RSA key.  I see "NO_DSA" included in the user_settings.h
> that might be OK to remove.  Some of the configuration trimming was to
> save space and some was to avoid the need for the slow calculations.

I suspect RSA is the "best" WolfSSL 4.6.0 supports. And I'm ok with 
NO_DSA staying in effect:


     OpenSSH 7.0 and greater similarly disable the ssh-dss (DSA)
     public key algorithm. It too is weak and we recommend against
     its use.

PR #700 created.


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