[Ovmsdev] Is Car (CAN / OBD) Data Visible Without A Server Connection?

Douglas Urner dlu at canishe.com
Sat Dec 31 09:27:20 HKT 2022

I’ve started experimenting with our Kia Niro EV (2022). I'm connecing to the OVMS module via wifi and a web browser, and don’t have a server connection yet.

The only data that I’m seeing from the module appears to be module state (12V battery voltage, wifi state, modem state, etc.). I’m not seeing any of the “car” data like battery voltage or SOC.

Should I be seeing any of the car state at this point?

Thanks, Doug
Douglas Urner (he/they) | dlu at canishe.com | +1 360.769.5565

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