[Ovmsdev] OVMS v3.3 hardware

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Sep 2 16:40:38 HKT 2021

A progress update.

I merged in master -> for-v3.3 branch. It was kind of messy, due to some conflicting changes made to metrics, command, and script/duktape, but I think I got it correct. We will need to carefully review this before release of v3.3.

The SIM7600G R2 seems to work well. A few changes from SIM5360 in the AT commands, but it seems to basically work:

OVMS# power cellular on
Power mode of cellular is now on
I (8736313) cellular: Set modem driver to 'auto'
I (8736313) cellular: State: Enter PoweringOn state
I (8736323) cellular-modem-auto: Power Cycle 2000ms
I (8753853) cellular: State: Enter Identify state
I (8754823) cellular: Identified cellular modem: SIM7600/Experimental support for SIMCOM SIM7600
I (8754823) cellular: Set modem driver to ‘SIM7600'
I (8764843) cellular: Signal Quality is: 21 (-71 dBm)
I (8774823) cellular: State: Enter MuxStart state
I (8774823) gsm-mux: Start MUX
I (8774833) gsm-mux: Channel #0 is open
I (8774843) gsm-mux: Channel #1 is open
I (8774853) gsm-mux: Channel #2 is open
I (8774863) gsm-mux: Channel #3 is open
I (8774873) gsm-mux: Channel #4 is open
I (8775813) cellular: State: Enter NetWait state
I (8775813) gsm-nmea: Startup
I (8785843) cellular: Network Registration status: RegisteredRoaming
I (8785843) cellular: Network Provider is: CSL  Hologram
I (8786803) cellular: Signal Quality is: 31 (-51 dBm)
I (8788813) gsm-ppp: Initialising...
I (8788953) gsm-ppp: StatusCallBack: None
I (8788953) gsm-ppp: status_cb: Connected
I (8788953) gsm-ppp:    our_ipaddr  =
I (8817863) location: UpdateParkPosition: vehicle is parking @(redacted) gpslock=1 satcount=5 hdop=3.0 invalid=0

OVMS# cellular status
MODEM Status
  Model: SIM7600
  Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming
    Provider: CSL  Hologram
    Signal: -51 dBm
    Mode: LTE,Online
  State: NetMode
  Mux: Status up
  PPP: Connected on channel: #2
  GPS: Connected on channel: #1

OVMS# metric list mdm
m.net.mdm.iccid                          8944500(redacted)
m.net.mdm.mode                           LTE,Online
m.net.mdm.model                          LE20B03SIM7600M21-A
m.net.mdm.netreg                         RegisteredRoaming
m.net.mdm.network                        CSL  Hologram
m.net.mdm.sq                             -51dBm

I’m now finalising the hardware changes, and then it can go to certification (which takes at least two months, probably).

Regards, Mark.

> On 30 Aug 2021, at 2:03 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
> I now have two prototypes of the 4G modem using SIM7600G R2 chip for OVMS v3.
> One is for my own work, but willing to send the other free to a volunteer developer willing to spend time working with me to develop and test this new option. Obviously looking for someone who has spent some time on the OVMS code base, with a good history of contributions to the project and a willingness to work on improving the cellular modem driver.
> Any volunteers? Please eMail me directly (mark at openvehicles.com <mailto:mark at openvehicles.com>).
> Regards, Mark.
> <IMG_9926.png>
>> On 17 Aug 2021, at 1:30 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net <mailto:mark at webb-johnson.net>> wrote:
>> For the 4G modem options we need to go through FCC, CE, and ROHS certification. Minimising/eliminating the changes to the main board simplifies this (and brings down the exorbitant costs) but if there is anything urgent / necessary, now is the time to do it.
>> The goal here is to maintain 100% compatibility with existing OVMS main boards, to keep this is a simple and relatively cheap upgrade of the modem board.
>> So far, I have come up with this minimal list:
>> Main board v3.3: Improve soldering of micro USB port. Bigger solder pads, and more solder to secure it better.
>> Modem board v1.3: Add support for SIM7600 module.
>> Modem board v1.3: Fix support for DTR sleep/awake support.
>> Is there anything else required for this update?
>> Regards, Mark.
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