[Ovmsdev] 3.2.018 release

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Nov 18 15:06:39 HKT 2021

We need to get the v3.3 release ready for release now, as the new v3.3 hardware is about to enter production and the factory needs the firmware.

Accordingly, I suggest:

I have already updated the for-v3.3 branch with all the recent changes from v3.2.

We now (today/tomorrow) release the current v3.2 branch as tag 3.2.018, OTA release. This would be the (hopefully) last v3.2 release.

After release of that, we branch off master to a v3.2 branch, for historical purposes (and if we need it for anything).

We then merge back for-v3.3 into the master branch and start working through the usual daily builds for that to get it ready for production. I think there is still some work to do on pouring the plugins, but the core code (and in particular new modem support) should be ok now.

I think we will need to investigate an approach for dual builds for v3.3-or-later and pre-v3.3 hardware, to take advantage of the new ESP32 rev3 chips. I think those will require a different sdkconfig. We can do that automatically in the OTA system, by building the URL based on the ESP32 platform revision. Should we do that with the v3.3 release (even if the builds are for the moment the same), or at a later date?

Regards, Mark.

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