[Ovmsdev] Readthedocs broken

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sun Nov 14 04:56:05 HKT 2021

On 11/13/21 02:59, Michael Balzer wrote:
> It seems this isn't fixed yet, but pinning some 0.x dependency certainly 
> doesn't sound right…

I checked to see how FreeBSD handled this issue and it looks like they 
upgraded py-docutils to 0.18 but quickly reverted because that verson 
breaks cmake:

     - this breaks devel/cmake

     [ 39%] Building CXX object 
     --- Utilities/Sphinx/doc_format_man ---
     *** [Utilities/Sphinx/doc_format_man] Error code 1

     make[3]: stopped in /wrkdirs/usr/ports/devel/cmake/work/cmake-3.21.4
     1 error

     This reverts commit dc8aa7c1129a911155ec93a2dd61fc1591c197b7.


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