[Ovmsdev] mongoose-wolfssl

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Mar 22 03:55:06 HKT 2021

> Your script creates a CA as well and takes care of optional details. 
> That's much more simple if all you need is a cert/key pair for encryption.

I like it because I have many other devices configured to use it and I 
have the root ca installed in my my browsers.

>> but when I upload the pem and key files it doesn't like the private key:
>>     Error!
>>     TLS private key must be in PEM PRIVATE KEY format
> You probably copied the wrong section. You need to copy the full PEM 
> text including the BEGIN and END lines, as suggested by the placeholder 
> for the textarea.

Ah, I see the problem. I searched for the error and it's looking for:

     -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----

but my key says:

     -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

I've never seen the former. This may describe the differences:


Anyway, I deleted the RSAs and it submitted ok and works! (I can't get a 
screen grab of it but) if I click on the firefox lock icon it says, 
"Connection Secure, Connection verified by a certificate issuer that is 
not recognized by Mozilla." Chrome likes it as well.

I've attached screen grabs that show firefox rendering a page on my dev 
module and also the "more information" page.

Should web_cfg.cpp be changed to accept either header?

>> I've never used "subjectAltName=IP:", is that required?
> Only if you want to be able to access the OVMS AP by .

Ah. Yeah, I don't need that. I always want to use the fqdn and only plan 
to access it via my home wifi or via vpn.

ssh connect times seem a little worse for me: ~3.5 seconds with 
3.2.016-5-g5b03f7fe and 3.2.016-55-g2edf7398.

Thanks to both of you for making this happen, I've wanted https into the 
modules for a really long time!

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