[Ovmsdev] GPS theft alert

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Thu Mar 11 07:05:01 HKT 2021

On 3/10/21 7:09 AM, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Using the config macro would have been OK though, we will need to 
> introduce separate builds for revision 3 anyway to benefit from the 
> fixed SPIRAM issue.

And I am already turning off CONFIG_SPIRAM_CACHE_WORKAROUND since all of 
my modules are V3 so if we were using the esp-idf version of the SAJ1000 
driver I could have just set CONFIG_ESP32_REV_MIN to 3. (But I also 
wouldn't have had a problem since I don't think the esp-idf driver ever 
turns on the sleep interrupt.)

I guess I'd like us to be able to produce a factory image that runs on 
everything, even if it's not optimal. Currently there are no factory 
image I can run on my upgraded modules.

> Btw: did you find some time to do the performance tests I suggested? 
> Doesn't take long, just a couple of minutes.

I did but my numbers were slightly worse than yours and I got side 
tracked before looking into it further. Will try again this weekend.


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