[Ovmsdev] GPS theft alert

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Wed Mar 10 12:47:49 HKT 2021

This issue will be solved with this pull request:


Starting with revision 2 of the ESP32, the function of the "enable 
wakeup interrupt" bit in the interrupt enable register changed to mean 
"divide BRP by 2". The OVMS SJA1000 code enables "all interrupts except 
arbitration loss" which includes the wakeup interrupt/divide BRP bit. 
This causes the can baud to be configured at half the requested speed; a 
workaround is to set the speed to 2X desired.

The (minimal) fix is to clear this bit when revision is >= 2. Since 
we're not using sleep, we could also just always clear that bit. But in 
the long run I'm hopeful that the ability to use effectively larger BRP 
values will mean V3 hardware will be able to run can1 at lower speeds, 
e.g. 33K.

At first I was looking at the can module in the esp-idf; even the old 
version we're running has code to do with this issue! But cleverly, it's 
a compile time #ifdef instead of run time check based on observed 
version (?!?!) I think the way it works is you define 
CONFIG_ESP32_REV_MIN to the lowest hardware version you want to support 
and it assumes you have at least that. Which seems silly to me. I tried 
converting it to a run time check and it didn't work -- that's when I 
figured out OVMS uses it's own SAJ1000 driver code.

Thanks to Thomas Heuer for reaching out to me and giving a pointer to 
this forum post:


which was key in figuring this out.


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