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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Jul 25 01:49:10 HKT 2021

Mark, Derek,

quoting from markus-k https://www.openvehicles.com/comment/7683#comment-7683

> Can I ask what speaks against going to a NB-IoT/LTE Cat-M module? 
> Should be ideal for this application since it doesn't require high 
> bandwidths and has very low power consumption.

I think he has a point there.

LTE Cat M would provide more than enough bandwidth for our use, even 
NB-IoT would be sufficient. From what I've read Cat M is better suited 
for mobile application due to cell handover support.

Not sure if we would actually save power there, but it also seems these 
protocols are better suited for sleep modes.

Maybe the SIM7000E is worth a closer look. Or maybe changing to another 
manufacturer for this, e.g. the u-blox SARA-R422M8S seems to fit feature 
wise, also includes multiplexer support on the UART.


Am 04.07.21 um 11:19 schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
> Derek,
> I have a SIM7000E on my desk, but haven’t played around with it much. I think the SIM7600 is more suitable for what we need (and closest to the SIM5360 it replaces).
> I don’t think the CMUXPORT commands work on that module, and not sure if it even has a CMUX. The manual does mention it in one place, but not sure. It mentions compatibility with the SIM800, which does have CMUX.
> What version of firmware are you running on the SIM7000?
> Regards, Mark.
>> On 4 Jul 2021, at 3:46 PM, Derek Caudwell <d.caudwell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been using Realterm to look at the 7000G's capabilities, and although the documentation only makes indirect reference to supporting uart multiplex mode, it does accept the AT+CMUX=0 command and reports back configuration values when queried with AT+CMUX? Unfortunately that appears to be where its support ends, the device responds with OK to the CMUX command however there is no response to the SABM command to open the control channel. I am sending the following hex in Realterm $F9 $03 $3F $01 $1C $F9.
>> Is there anything else worth trying? or that I'm missing in setting up the CMUX?
>> Cheers
>> Derek
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