[Ovmsdev] External Wifi antenna

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sun Jan 31 13:47:08 HKT 2021


After protecting nearby components with kynar tape my hot air rework 
made "quick" work of removing the V1 module, including the ground pads 
on the back of the module. Then I hand soldered the new module in. (I 
wasn't sure if re-soldering the ground pads was important but I put a 
little solder paste on it and hit the back side of the board with a 
little hot air afterwards until the TPs flowed so there's some chance 
it's back to its original state.)

I repurposed an SMA/U.FL cable and wifi antenna from an old foxconn 
netbox and once I had flashed it and restore the config my wifi signal 
improved from -80.7 to -53.6 dBm. I'm pretty sure my (brick) chimney is 
inbetween my ruckus ap and this vehicle and had been thinking about 
relocating the ap but no need now.

     OVMS# module sum

       Version:  3.2.015-550-g49f7b669/factory/main (build idf 
v3.3.4-845-gd59ed8bba-dirty Jan 30 2021 18:31:40)
       Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3

It doesn't look like ovms knows there is extra memory?

     OVMS# module memory
     Free 8-bit 83756/277928, 32-bit 6836/11192, SPIRAM 3826192/4194252

Also when I was bootstrapping the old config a wifi scan listed my WPA3 
ssid but the module couldn't associate with it. But I do see an option 
with newer versions of the idf:


     Select this option to allow the device to establish a WPA3-Personal
     connection with eligible AP's. PMF (Protected Management Frames)
     is a prerequisite feature for a WPA3 connection, it needs to
     be explicitly configured before attempting connection. Please
     refer to the Wi-Fi Driver API Guide for details.

I'm not sure if WPA3 requires V3 hardware or if it's purely an idf thing 
but it's something fun for the future.

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