[Ovmsdev] Proposed new config option

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Jan 27 08:58:29 HKT 2021

This seems fine to me. The

Component config > Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) > Developer Options

Is the correct place to put it.

Regards, Mark.

> On 25 Jan 2021, at 8:53 AM, Stephen Casner <casner at acm.org> wrote:
> When I'm working with my bench OVMS unit attached with USB and
> frequently rebooting, I don't want to have to log in each time.
> To avoid this I have patched console_async.cpp to SetSecure(true) in
> the constructor.  But I have to be careful to omit that patched file
> when committing my changes.  I proposed to add a Kconfig developer
> option to control whether that SetSecure(true) statement is included.
> Then I can commit this functionality into the code base where it will
> normally be excluded but can be included for a developer build
> configuration.  This is similar to OVMS_DEV_CONFIGVFS option that
> allows read access to the ovms_config file.
> My proposed change is attached.  Any objections?
>                                                        -- Steve<secureasync.diff>_______________________________________________
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