[Ovmsdev] Implementing advanced charge control

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 01:48:09 HKT 2021

Hi Steve,

Gating Homelink with On would certainly solve the problem.  Good thought. 

I've found it handy when I'm out in the yard to use the OVMS app on my
cell phone as a garage door opener, telling the car to trigger
Homelink.  Would that still work, i.e. have the Location-based trigger
be gated, but not the app?  On the other hand, with the publicity of IOT
hacks to electronic locks, perhaps the security of the app may not be
sufficient as a remote house key.  Should there be a security config
flag or PIN?


Stephen Casner wrote:
> Greg,
> Before I implemented the Homelink activation within the location
> command I set up the automatic garage door opening function for a
> friend using a one-line script to execute the homelink command that
> was triggered by the location.enter event notification.  Indeed there
> were a few instances of nocturnal garage door opening that were
> avoided by increasing the location radius.
> But your message prompts me to remember that there's an enhancement I
> should make in my code: the Homelink should only be triggered if the
> car is ON.
>                                                         -- Steve

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