[Ovmsdev] Happy discovered: I3 seems to manage 12v battery charge by itself

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 09:07:50 HKT 2021

Hi Steve,

Chimes and such occur at 2, along with the brake vacuum pump.

But, to show you how much I pay attention to these things, it turns out
that there is actually a key position between 1 and 2.  The first notch
("Accessory") turns on the dash lights, radio, and such, then there's a
very short throw to another notch that doesn't have any obvious
function, then a bigger throw to the "On" position.  Then the
spring-return to position 3, aka Start / Performance.  The user guide is
silent on that intermediate 1-B position, and unless we can determine
what it does, it's probably safe to ignore. 

The reverse direction brings out another Roadster quirk, where going
from Accessory to Off doesn't do anything until you actually remove the
key.  The dash stays active, radio on, etc. until the key is removed. 
The user guide does describe this behavior.  So, what state is the car
in, when the key is at Off, but the dash is still active?


Stephen Casner wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jan 2021, Greg D. wrote:
>> I didn't know the 1.5's behaved that way.  On a 2.x, simply turning the
>> key to position 2 and pushing the "D" button gets you going.
> Do the startup sounds occur at the first step or the second?
>> But to the question of vehicle states, is a single metric going to be
>> sufficient, or do we need separate status metrics for the various
>> functions as it is today?  I'm not sure.  The more of these exceptions
>> we run into, the more the separate metrics make sense to me.
> If the states for all vehicles are strictly ordered, then it should be
> possible to define a mapping to a single metric so long as the number
> of values is sufficient.
>                                                         -- Steve
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