[Ovmsdev] How does TPMS work now?

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Jan 18 11:11:30 HKT 2021

It used to be possible to manually set tire pressure with:

     metrics set v.tp.fl.p 210.29
     metrics set v.tp.fr.p 210.29
     metrics set v.tp.rl.p 210.29
     metrics set v.tp.rr.p 210.29

but after upgrading to the latest persistent metrics code I see these 
are all gone.

I looked at the tpms command but it seems to be designed to track 
different sets of tpms sensor id numbers.

Is it possible to set these from the command line? Are tpms tire 
pressures (and temperatures) still persistent across warm reboots? Is my 
problem that these are stored in vectors now and there is not yet a way 
to manipulate them from the command line?


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